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    RS507 - No controll-LED's after a BT reconnect

    diego.torres.zamora Rookie

      On a RS507 connected to a WR4090 thru BT the controll LED in the back of the RS507 wont work after a reconnect while having a WLIB Session open. The controll-LED's work as expacted when I connect the firste time after the WLIB was started. Then I can do Barcode-Scans and the Control-LED's work as expected. I also tested the preinstalled WLTE and the controll-LED's worked fine even after a RS507 BT reconnect. Also if I'm using just the Motorola DataWedge I can reconnect the RS507 to the WT4090 as often I want to. The controll-LED's keep working. Fo me it looks that the WLIB 7.3 is having a Problem here!

      Does someone know about this problem or has any i dea how to solve it?