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    Automatic ranking attribute

    Taylor Apprentice

      Okay.  This one has been a challenge...


      I have a manager who would like to add an attribute to our change object that holds a number.  It will represent a rank of importance for a subset of changes that are "projects".  The twist is that he's asking that when the numerical rank attribute gets changed in one change object can all the other change objects rank attribute be incremented automatically.  So for example:


      Four change workorders (or objects) are set to a category of "Project".  In those 4 workorders the rank attribute is set to the order in which it will be worked on.


      Ref NumberRank






      So Change #38 is the highest priority and is being worked on currently, next to be worked on will be Change #16, then #42, and so on.


      Now we add Change #55, but it should be set to Rank 3.  Can the rank attribute be programmed to bump Change #42 to rank 4 and Change #21 to rank 5 and Change #29 to rank 6, all automatically so that someone doesn't have to open each Change and manually adjust the rank?


      Thank you all for your help!