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    Search by a "radius" using Service Desk

    Jamie Cannon ITSMMVPGroup

      just tossing this out there to see if anyone has some ideas around it.



      I want to use Service Desk to have customers fill out a form in order to appoint people to work a job at a certain location. (example could be a security guard)


      Step 1:

      I want a customer to be able to fill out a form and enter a zip code and it pull Service Desk to see who is "availalble" in that zip code or radius of that zip code.


      Step 2:

      I want a customer to fill out a form when the service is no longer needed.



      I think these steps would be fairly simple to do.  However, is it possible (via calculation or other means) to do a "radius" search of that zip code for any available people?  Much like you can do online where you can do a 5, 10, 20 mile radius, has anyone seen or done anything similar to this?


      Any advice or just brainstorming would be great!



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          Jamie I'd be looking at Mashups to do this sort of thing.  You may have seen a demo where a mashup shows on a google map the geographical distribution of users in LDSD by using .... goggle maps.


          However ... - the documentation for mashups is as hard as a curates egg to get hold of.  The official line last time I asked was that while mashups are available for customers to use within the product, the implementation can only be done by someone in the SI team.  (slightly illogical and curious, but I think that is the official line)


          It's a shame really because if mashups were actively documented, supported and encouraged, the use of LDSD would be spread much more widely and in the long term LANDesk would see their market space grow.  In the short term I suspect they think they will loose consulting revenue.  In practise (IMHO) people just don't 'do' these integrations because its too hard/expense/need foreign, hard to come by resources.


          Can I get off my soap box now?

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            Stu McNeill Employee

            Jamie - there isn't anything in Service Desk that could achieve that kind of search, but certainly with some integration to other software it might be possible.


            Dave - the mashup API documentation is always available on request however we do not actively support it so we recommend engaging with SI if required.  I've seen some customers do great things without the need for SI though.

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              Jamie Cannon ITSMMVPGroup

              Thanks Dave and Stu.


              I thought that might be the case but just wanted to toss it out there to get an affirmative on it.