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    Windows 8 OS deployment


      Hi All,


      Is it possible to do a Windows 8 OS deployment? If yes, what do I need to be aware of / prepare?



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          With LANDesk Management Suite 9.5 you can.

          There's no difference between Windows 7 and Windows 8. Sysprep steps and unattended files are the same.





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            In theory Windows 8 OS Deployment is the same as Windows 7.


            If you attempt to provision devices with UEFI BIOS be aware that Windows PE is strictly 64 bit.


            This means that all executables which you execute within PE have to be 64 bit executables because the 32 bit libraries do not exist (Microsoft issue). So programs such as copydrivers will not work in their original form unless you have the sourcecode and can recompile in 64 bit. (For copydrivers specifically I had the source code and recompiled and it worked perfectly so if you need this let me know even though the ability to include .exe drivers is also available in SP1 so hopefully this Tool will no longer be required in SP1)


            In addition in LDMS 9.5 HII does not work in the 64bit PE. This is solved in SP1.


            But for devices with a Standard Bios it is correct that OSD works exactly the same as it did for Windows 7.

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              You don't need copy files to copy a directory based on a make/model layout.  You can create a variable called make and one called model based on the inventory data "Computer"."System"."Manufacturer" and "Computer"."System"."Model" and then do a copy file action where you copy from:




              to wherever you want.  This also works on 64-bit without any changes or other utilities.  Is there anything else copy drivers does that I'm unaware of?


              Also, with the 9.5 SP1 enhancements to HII there should be a lot more control over exactly what drivers get utilized, so even if you don't like the autodetect option you can (hopefully) still get some use out of HII.

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                Copy drivers was merely an example. Fact is that no 32 bit executable will work in 64 bit Windows PE regardless of what you are trying to do and it is something to consider when building OSD for devices with UEFI Bios.


                In addition you also have to consider how you want to manage the fact that based on the BIOS of the device either the 64 bit or 32 bit PE will be loaded because this means that all executables even the ones which continue provisioning after the Client boots into windows PE will be either 32 bit or 64 bit exectuables. We solved this issue by replacing the 32 bit .wim with the 64 bit .wim which means that regardless of the BIOS we are always setting up using the 64bit PE. This means we can have one Template regardless of the Hardware.


                Regarding my statement that HII does not work in 64 bit Windows PE of LDMS 9.5 it was not a statement regarding the fact that I dont believe the functionality provided is helpful. HII uses the HIIClient.exe which in LDMS 9.5 was not properly recompiled to 64 bit which literally means that HII does not work in 64 bit Windows PE in LDMS 9.5. This issue has been solved in LDMS 9.5 SP1.


                I am just trying to help a fellow LANDesk User not criticize the Tool.

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                  You bring up good points.  [-8  Sorry if it sounded like I was arguing with you.  My comment was really tangential to the main discussion, which I thought was already handled very well.

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                    Would you share the 64bit copydrivers.exe? This would let me quicly get past my next hurdle in deploying to a UEFI machine and then I'll have some time to work on a longer term solution.

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                      The file will be available to download for 7 days from the following link:



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                        Thank you Sir! You rock!

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                          ecoidan Specialist

                          If you still have it, could I get a copy of the 64bit copydrivers?

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                            ecoidan Specialist

                            never mind, I downloaded Autoit and recompiled it as 64bit.