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    Troubles installing .exe files


      Hello All,


      I have never successfully installed an .exe file. I am tasked with installing microsoft endpoint security by the end of the month. I have successfully installed this by copying the .exe to a computer and testing the appropriate switches. So when I create my distribution package I point the Primary File to the packages folder and select the SCEPinstall.exe file. On the Install/Uninstall options tab I enter the switches I want to run "/s /q /i".  On the additional files tab I select all of the files and directories that are located withing the install folder. On the Accounts tab I enter my domain admin credentials. Everything else I just leave as default settings. When I distribute the package I set it as a push with emergency distribution.


      For whatever reason I am uable to get this to work via landesk. Does anyone know of a way to see if or why this is hanging and not installing?