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    AMT Provisioning works or doesn't for no discernable reason




      I'm new to the provisioning process and was kinda thrown into this project with little training.  Patience and any basic reading suggestions are appreciated.  I've been tasked with imaging and deploying workstations and as part of that process, I enter the Intel Management Engine (IME) on each workstation and attempt to provision using a unique pair of Provisioning Identifier (PID) and Provisioning Passphrase (PPS) which I obtain by generating them on the LANDesk server (generally about eight at a time).  The process seems to go smoothly and in a lot of cases works without any special hand-holding on my part.  For several workstations however, it does not and I can't for the life of me figure out why.


      Here's how it's breaking down:

      -After entering the setup data in the IME for each workstation some immediately present a "Provisioning Record" within the IME with the IP of the LANDesk server and other relevant data.
      -Many however simply show "Provision Record is not present."  Reboots, unconfiguring/reconfiguring network access seem to have no effect.


      During this process I don't see an error of any kind unless I specifically check the Provisioning Record on the individual workstation.  I've tried entering the LANDesk server IP during the setup, but it didn't seem to make a difference.


      For the workstations that aren't provisioning, I have no problem accessing their LANDesk inventory information and even Remote Controlling them (within Windows) after the LANDesk agent is installed.  All the Vpro options are completely unavailable however.


      Any help is appreciated.  If I've left out pertinent info, please let me know.  My ignorance about this process is most likely the problem.