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    MDM Email setup policy


      I'm new to MDM but was told that user email setups could be done through MDM policies.  How can I do that?  MDM is setup an functioning, I just need a way to push the email setup to a mobile device (iPhone, Android).  We got MDM so that we could do this and remove that setup through a selective wipe.  Does anyone have this documented?



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          jasonjmitchell Employee

          For iOS, you can send down an Exchange payload. This is not supported for Android. This will be supported on Android in the next version of MDM currently scheduled for Q2 this year.

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            Jason SupportEmployee

            In addition to what was mentioned above.


            The user guide will help you set the policies up.



            Look at the policy management section


            Or for the web version(non PDF)




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              I have read through the documents and could not find how to send the Exchange payload.  Can you please explain this?

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                jasonjmitchell Employee

                You first create a mobile profile. Then you add a payload. There is an iOS payload named Exchange. You setup the server there and leave the username and password blank. When the profile is sent down to the device the username will automatically populate from the AD login and the user will be prompted for the password.

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                  Jason SupportEmployee

                  Have you created the payload yet?

                  To create a payload (step 1):
                  1. Click Tools > Mobility > Mobile policy management.
                  2. Click the Payloads button on the toolbar.
                  3. In the left pane, select the device type you want to configure (iOS or Android).
                  4. In the left pane, click the payload you want to configure.
                  5. At the top of the right pane, click the Add button to add a new payload configuration. Existing payload configurations appear under each payload.
                  6. Make the changes you want and click Save Changes.
                  7. Click Close.




                  If so


                  Then you can continue on to step #2 outlined in the document


                  To create a policy (step 2):
                  1. In the Mobile policy management tool, click the Policies button on the toolbar.
                  2. Click Add, and enter a Policy name and Description.
                  3. Select the payloads you want included in the policy.
                  4. Click Close.
                  To assign a policy to users (step 3):
                  1. In the Mobile policy management tool, click the Policy assignments button on the toolbar.
                  2. In the list of users and groups, select the user or group to which you want to assign to a policy.

                  3. Click Change Assigned Policy...
                  4. Select the policy you want to assign and click OK.
                  5. Repeat steps 3-5 for each additional group to which you want to assign a policy.
                  6. When you have finished, click Close.



                  If you are still having problems Please open a support ticket with your regional support office.



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                    gtsosa26 Rookie

                    Any other details that you can provide regarding Android support in next version of MDM?

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                      I have it almost working.  Here is what I have...


                      But for some reason the policy sets the user account as [email protected]@mail.company.com.  How do you stop it from appending the server onto the user ID?


                      If I manually set a policy for a single user I get the mail account setup correctly but when I put in the password I get...

                      Exchange Account

                      Unable to verify account information.

                      If I save the config and try to access the mail I get...

                      Cannot Get Mail

                      The connection to the server failed.

                      Even though the settings are identical to one that worked.


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                        I'm still waitong for LANDesk to reply with an answer.  Does anyone have a working MDM running version 9.5?  If so is your mail server the same as your domain or different?  If you have a 9.0 version that works let me know about that too.  I have no problem backing out my installation and going to a previous version.


                        Thank you.

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                          jasonjmitchell Employee

                          Is the user field blank? I don't think running the older version will change anything. The code to send down that profile is the same in both versions.

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                            I have tried it both ways.  By setting up the profile without the user adds a @servername to the user ID and with does put the account in and appears to be correct but cannot access the server.

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                              jasonjmitchell Employee

                              Can you tell what is wrong about the profile that can't access the server?


                              What is the format of the user when you are enrolling? That username is saved in inventory and used to send down that profile. You should enroll with the format of domain\username.


                              I mispoke earlier. Sending down an email profile on Android will not be supported in the next release. If needed, please add a request in the ideas area of this support site.

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                                I have tried with both the username as the email address and the domain and username.  You cannot enter the username as domain\username as it will remove the \ you can use a / but that doesn't work either.  If you leave the use blank it will use whatever you used for the agent authentification but will not use the domain if you entered domain\username.  If you add the domain to the profile you still the "Unable to verify account information" error.  This error occurs no matter what combination of ID and domain and email account you use.  The interesting thing is that if you mannually enter the account the same as the profile puts it with the email address as the account it works.


                                The reason we went with the mobility manager was to automatically setup the email for the users devices, apple and droid.  If you cannot support the androids ad promised we may need to ask for a refund and go with another vendor who has shown that their product works.  We only went with the LANDesk solution because we already use the management tools and they promised us that this would work.  We may wait for the android support but only if we can make the apple device work.

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                                  jasonjmitchell Employee

                                  I was talking about entering the domain\username when enrolling and not the profile. It pulls that information from inventory when it sends down the profile.


                                  We have other customers that have gotten this to work. The one issue we have seen before is when the AD username is not the same as their email address. That is a known issue and has been fixed in the next release of mobility.


                                  As for Android, you can enter the request in the ideas area of this site or you can email [email protected]. He is the product manager for mobility and could give you feedback about where that feature falls in the roadmap.

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                                    I did try using both the email and domain with the agent authentification with the same results.  The email and user IDs are the same.

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