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    Core patch LD95-CP_BASE-2013-0228.exe breaks SEP11 in ImageX images

    cyberdemon Apprentice


      patch LD95-CP_BASE-2013-0228.exe





      Ever since I applied this patch AND redeployed my PXE reps with the newest PXE update, I now have broken my .wim's with regards to SEP11. Within our image files, we have SEP 11 installed (unmanaged until its not). (after image is laid down)Once OOBE completes and you get logged in for the first time, you notice right away that the SEP client no longer functions (an error pops up stating the definitions are broken) and you notice that the SEP systray icon now has an error (where before this patch to the core, PXE rep deploy, it didn't occur). No, it's not because of network, connectivity to the network, etc.




      In addition to this now nuisance, it also decided to re-create a new Program folder (god knows why); again, this is new since this patch. PROGR~2 ? WTF?



      of course there's no fixing this broken SEP client install now. You have to run the Symantec Cleanwipe.exe tool to completely remove this debacle and re-install a clean version of SEP. (simply removing this from Add/Remove will not solve it). The client will no longer update definition files.


      I thought I was crazy, and that this couldn't be the reason why, so I decided to go back and re-create a new OSD ImageX (took me 2 days), recaptured my image, re-deployed and the same result.


      I then decided to re-build, yet again, another image, this time capturing it with ImageW v2. Redeploy that image, completes all normal steps, login for the first time and now SEP is normal, working as it should, unmanaged and clean. No extra program folders created. No issues.


      So the question is why? What would have changed in that Core patch (besides changing PXE boot from Win7 winpe to a Win8 winpe), that would then later break SEP specifically?


      No other applications seem to be affected by this core server patch.


      I prefer ImageX over ImageW, personally, but is this a conspiracy to force us to use ImageW?


      Anyway, I just thought I'd share this with others, not so much as to get LANDesk to fix this (Lord knows it would be nice), but to hopefully see if others have seen this themselves.


      Perhaps, we're the only group who puts SEP into an image and used OSD/ImageX while everyone else never sees this. I find it hard to think it's unique.


      Thanks for listening to my frustration.

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          cyberdemon Apprentice

          -Caveate: Audit mode captured ImageX images.


          So, i wanted to share with you, what actually fixed this. To say the least, I was > < this close in giving up on LANDesk/ImageX.


          So, my assumption is if you upgrade to LD9.5 sp1, from LD9.5, this will replace your ImageX version (Windows 7 to Windows 8 of ImageX) and you'll be on the correct WinPE version and ImageX version will match and you'll not have any issues.


          However, if you out-of-band patch for LD95-CP_BASE-2013-0228., it will not upgrade ImageX to the Windows 8 version of ImageX, that will work properly with the Window 8 WinPE that gets changed in that patch. To be precise:


          LDMS9.5 version of ImageX



          The version that is needed with that patch LD95-CP_BASE-2013-0228

          you need this version of ImageX



          Now my captured imageX images lay down, process without problems to the installed applications. Symantec is fine, Office is fine, WinZip is fine, and Nero is fine. What a frustrating thing this has been.


          In summary:LD95-CP_BASE-2013-0228 you need to have ImageX 6.2.9200.16384


          I can't comment on people who have SP1 what version of ImageX it needs to be, as I'm not on that update yet.


          for 7 months, I've been defeated. If only, I would have figured this out sooner.






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            Hi Cyberdemon,


            I think if you disable 8dot3name after formatting the partitions, it will resolve your issue.





            I had the same issue with Office. The SEP issue is known as well.