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    pushing an MS patch out...


      It would appear that I have a problem...


      I have no holidays showing in my Outlook 2003.  Neither my personal calendar nor my public calendars are showing any holidays.  I have also checked with several other users, and they show no holidays either.


      My PC is running XP sp2, Office 2003, sp3.  One of these other users is running Office 2003, sp3.


      According to http://support.microsoft.com/kb/924423, Holidays were supposed to have been installed with Office sp3.  But I had no holidays.  And even after installing office2003-KB924423-FullFile-ENU.exe successfully, I still had no holidays in my calendar.


      When I get this to actually work, how do I push this update out, using LD?


      Thanks in advance,



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          An update...


          While I'd still like to know, I do not need to know for this issue.  I learned last night what I was missing earlier in the day.  ( Office sp3 contains the holidays, but one has to MANUALLY add them to one's calendar. )