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    Replicate Audit Trail in Crystal Reports


      Hi experts,


      I am trying to replicate an incident's audit trail as seen in the bottom left pane of a ticket within LANDesk.


      I have got as far as returning the summarized information (date, user, business function etc) but am unable to return the title/description of the status update.


      I understand these titles/descriptions are in various tables.

      • If audit trail reports status of waiting on external, then table usr_waitingonexternal table will hold this information. This can be seen in the image below underlined "Sent to E8".
      • Similarly, table usr_backfromwaitingoncustome will hold the information for status of Back From Waiting on Customer. This can be seen in the image below underlined "feed back from user".





      My Crystal Report is using the following tables (and links) to get this far. I am having trouble linking one of the tables , usr_waitingoncustomer to this view so that I can display the above underlined status updates.

      How would I link this table (and others that have various status information) to this report?




      Any help would be highly appreciated.

      Thank you!


      Ray Mirza.