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    Port 5900 for KVM in LD 9.0 sp3?,  provisionig process in LD 9.5 ?


      Hi guys,

      my stuff:

      LD 9.0 sp3, three core servers, Go-Daddy certificate, configured with Non-TLS. -> result: 1200 devices configured. (still waiting a large bunch of devices to be configured vPro). All devices configured are Lenovo,  AMT versions 4,5,6,7,8.


      The only but is for remote control via Intel KVM, when a device is provisioned, ports 16992 and 16994 are open (Non-TLS), if you try KVM it doesn't work.., so, we have to go in Landesk management Console-> Intel vPro options -> Intel vPro Status,.., then after a few seconds and when Intel vPro Status is showed, we see that port 5900 is open in this device, then remote control via Intel KVM works. Well, a this point we don't care to do Intel vPro Status to open 5900 port and get Remote control KVM.

      Are you experienced this issue with remote control KVM, I meant if you have to open 5900 port to get remote control KVM?



      Well, I see that we have the same problems:

      - laptops with two network interfaces, wired an wireless -> provisoning process fail if ip address in the provisioning is the wireless ip..

      - ip static in operating system, no way, nothing with them. Last thing is make a manual reservation (mac-ip-name-computer) in our dhcp system, we are going to see what happen when this devices will be rebooted..



      In the next months we are planning change to LANDesk 9.5,

      have you got some advice about vPro provisioning?

      what will happen with devices already provisioned?


      We hope LD9.5 and Intel vPro they should improve together.



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          MrGadget Expert

          I had same problem with LD9 SP3. You had to run a inventory or status before getting the full benefits of Vpro.

          Sorry but I had moved to LD 9.5 without figuring out that problem. However since spending so much time troubleshooting so many problems with Vpro I have a suggestion.

          In the inventory look down the list for provisioned, I bet it has a 0. If it does or doesn't try running a scsdiscovery. Since i can't figure out how to attach a file I'm putting the contents of my bat file you can push out from landesk.

          This pulls info from vpro chip and puts it into registry.


          Cd "c:\program files\landesk\ldclient"

          scsdiscovery.exe /output silent systemdiscovery /nofile

          If "%errorlevel%"=="32" exit /b 0


          You need to run a full sync inventory after this, you could add another line with the inventory scan as a all in one .bat file.


          In upgrading to 9.5 I had to go back and do a Setup and Configure Vpro to get those computers that were already provisioned to work right.

          What i mean by this on the right click menu on a computer, the vpro options would be grayed out except for the Setup and Configure vpro option. The setup and configure option runs scsdiscovery and also starts amtconfig.exe which starts the hello packets.

          If the above .bat file does not help try adding a line to run the "c:\program files\ldclient\amtconfig.exe"


          good Luck

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            Hi all.

            Thanks for your comments Mrgadget.


            Updating 9.0 to 9.5 -> Okay, is not so bad, if the only thing that we have to do is Setup and Configure vPro and  the problem is resolved, Okay.


            Remote control via Intel KVM -> Okay, is good to know more people apart of me are  having the same problem, So, while nobody say another thing, if redirection ports 16992 and 16994 are not enough to do remote control wiht KVM (AMT authentication), we'll do with intel vPro Options -> Status... and wait for 5900 port will be opened, then KVM will work. Okay.


            In both issues the problem is resolved with right click mouse, So, it is not a so hard job. I think that there are worst things. So we´ll do a effort and we'll survive with this issues.




            We have used scsdiscovery Intel tool only for troubleshooting, with this parameters:

            SCSDiscovery.exe /Output file test.xml SystemDiscovery /NoRegistry

            this generate a xml file, and you can see the state and values inside Intel AMT. But  this intel tool is used for us only for troubleshooting, we want only to use LANDesk Management Console to activate and use vPro.