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    Provisioning Server - RAID Configuration

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      Currently we have out provisioning working for our laptops / desktops without a problem, but we are soon due to have a number of servers delivered which i would also like to provision in the same manner.



      Completing the scripted install etc is not a problem but i am unsure as to how to configure the raid properties during the Pre OS install phase, with all our previous desktops and laptops it has not been an issue as they are all single drives but the servers (IBM Blades) will obviously all come with dual HDD's and be required to be setup as a mirrored raid set.



      I have had a brief look through the Pre Install options and cant seem to find much info on configuring raid, although the help file does state this is where it is to be done.



      Does anyone have a good place to start with this?



      Cheers - Ben



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          Provisioning isn't one of my strong points, but there's RAID configuration examples for HP and Dell servers in the downlaodble content (check out the farthest right button in the console). Perhaps those examples will be helpful -- basically they use vendor utilities to do it.

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            Hi Ben,



            it's not something you'll find built-in;  you must mount a network share that contain PRAID utilities then launch them using a "Execute File" action.



            From IBM ServerGuide:


            The ServerGuide Scripting Toolkit supports Policy-based RAID configuration and replication using the PRAID.EXE utility. Some features of PRAID.EXE include: v A single user interface for configuring and replicating RAID controller settings. v The ability to use the PRAID policies file to describe how your RAID controllers should be configured or replicated. v Customizable logic to determine the configuration to use with which controllers. This logic can include the machine type of the server, the number of drives connected to the controller, and the RAID controller type. v An AUTO mode to configure using default settings. v The ability to configure all RAID controllers in a system with a single program call. v Features to save useful information about each captured configuration, including machine type, date, and time of capture. v The ability to restore all controllers to factory-default settings.You can use the ini files included with PRAID to configure your RAID controllers using default parameters, or you can supply the configuration parameters for each RAID controller using a PRAID policies file. When used in configure mode, the policies file directs how PRAID configures the RAID controllers in a system using keywords and values that can be customized. In capture mode, PRAID creates or appends to the end of a policies file the parameters that can configure other RAID controllers identically to the ones in the current system. For more information about the PRAID utility, see "PRAID.EXE" on page 187 in the Utilities section. To use any policy file, you must supply the proper parameters located in the USVARS.BAT file.








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              Binskin Apprentice

              Excellent, thanks guys ill give it a try and let you know how i get on.