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    LDAV and Kaspersky version


      Hi all,


      I have to say that I am quite confused about the version of LANDesk Antivirus in 9.5, and how it compares to the latest Kaspersky Endpoint Security.


      Here's what a LANDesk slide said a little while ago:

      LANDesk Antivirus 9.5 is based on Kaspersky Endpoint Security 8. It is the full Kaspersky Endpoint Security 8 product with the exception of Firewall and Endpoint Control, as these features overlap with existing LANDesk products). It is reskinned with the LANDesk look and additional integration work has been done in order to take advantage of the capabilities of LANDesk Management Suite. 


      So I thought that LANDesk was now including the latest AV engine from Kaspersky. But now that I look at it, Kaspersky is actually selling Kaspersky Endpoint Security 10.

      Well, this is confusing: is LANDesk really using the latest AV engine from Kaspersky or is it still using an old engine?


      Does anyone know if this is just a numbering issue or if LANDesk is really using an older AV engine?


      If LANDesk were not to be using the latest AV engine, then :

      - how to sell the products to clients? It is cheaper and integrates in the LANDesk console, that's fine, but if I were the client, I'd prefer the latest version, so I would not need to upgrade too soon.

      - what about including the latest KAV version so that LDAV would be on par with KAV?

      - what about the differences (performance, features, platform support - Windows 8 anyone?), between versions 8 and 10?


      Thanks for your feedback!