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    Bare Metal Server with Serial Number Matching



      Hi all,



      I'm trying for the first time to create a Bare Metal based provisioning task that use Serial Number as key field.



      As expected:



      1- at pxe level machine isn't matched so I've to press F8 to select WinPE Provisioning.



      2-at winpe level mini inventory get serial number and ldprovisioning find a task for the machine; provisioning start without login and template selection



      Here comes an issue: Bare Metal Server entry isn't matched with the one created from wscfg32 then:



      1-The task has 2 entries (and only one goes in successfull state)



      2-When task ends machine entry still remain in Bare Metal Server list



      I think this issue come from inventory configuration (that match machine with the same name and mac) but I don't want to configure a match based on machine name only.

      Can I solve the problem in another way?



      Thanks in advance,



      Jary Busato