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    Size of profile causing capture to fail?


      Is there a limit to the size of profile that can be captured with a provisioning template using UMA?  It seems larger profiles sizes fail when smaller sized profiles are successful.  There is plenty of space to store the large profile.

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          Update for anyone who is looking at this.  I have a profile that successfully captures.  It is large, 3.7 gigs,  The provisioning template runs as normal, but the deploy profile action fails with an internal status of -2147477501.  While I don't expect to garner anything out of the error code I have found that I can run the UMA manually from the computer and point it to the captured .sma file and it will work flawlessly. 


          One step further,  I can create a standalone action in a provisioning template to deploy profile by specifying the full filename instead of using the computer name variable or using the computer name variable with the UNC path to where the profile ws saved.   Both are Successful.  In my full osd deployment provisioning template I use the computer name variable option and on smaller profiles it works normally. Very confusing why it will fail inside the osd provisioning template but work in a stand alone template. 


          Any insight into this would be great.

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            The ldprovisioning log on the machine shows:  ldprovision.exe reporting action status 5 to core before the deploy profile action fails.  Anybody know what that means?


            In the the deployprofilehandler log I see the deploy profilehandler.exe: executed command.  Return value is 259 as the only thing I see that could indicate a failure.

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              After consulting with landesk support we got it to work by inserting a wait command set to 600 seconds after the profile deploy command.