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    Content Replication Error


      I'm running LANDesk 9.5 and trying to set up Content Replication.


      I set up 2 Windows 7 VMs, create identical shares on both, copied some data to the first one and configured the Content Replication. I used the first VM as both the Replicatior and the Source.


      When I run the job, it runs for a minute or so, then returns "The extended attributes are inconsistent".


      Does anyone know what this means?


      I have no problem copying the data from one VM to the other using Windows Explorer or Robocopy.



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          Check your source(s), have you got mirroring enabled?  If so turn it off and try again.  9.5 broke mirroring in content replication.  The official line from LANDesk was that this would be fixed in SP1 due out soon, however I've found that it is already fixed if you apply the lastest BASE patch (available from LANDesk on request).