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    Inventory Query with more than one condition  "Computer"."Software"."Package"."File Name"  =  "XXXX.YYY"



      I created query with two conditions

      "Computer"."Software"."Package"."File Name"  =  "WINWORD.EXE" AND "Computer"."Software"."Package"."File Name"  =  "EXCEL.EXE" with "no results"

      If I run query with these conditions separately  then it is OK, result ist actual list of PC. It means that I cannot create query with more than one condition "machine component" :  "Software"."Package"."File Name"  ?

      We have LDM 8.7 SP 5



      Thank you for advice.






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          You would be correct in this.  If you look at the SQL that is generated, it attempts to do an and on the same copy of the table, instead of doing a join on different copies of the table.  This would be a good enhancement request to submit to LANDesk, if the same attribute is used for a one to many component, then do a join instead of using the instance of the table.  Of course there would be instances where poeple would want this precise effect.  This one of the difficulties in trying to convert something that is more user readable into SQL statements, there are ambiguities.