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    Edit an imported report


      It might be a silly question so excuse me for that.

      I have imported one of the report for "Before Windows7" and it is really good report. however I want to customized some details on it such as the minimum required RAM and the processor. the diffult there is 1 GB RAM, how can I make it 2GB, I cannot find such a setting to change it there under the report designer


      Appricate your advice


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          Simon Ma Employee



          I'm the one who has created the custom report "Before Windows 7 migration".


          To be honest, this report has been create in a "quick & dirty" way . So it's not very easy to update it.

          If you look at the dataset, I use 4 differents SQL queries.

          So if you want to change one or several requierement, you need to review and change all the SQL query


          But, the good new is that I've updated this report for Windows 8 migration and simplify it.

          Now I based my report on only one SQL query (dataset). The SQL query is a little bit more complex but it's easier to edit it.


          Based on this new report, I've create the report you are looking for (I hope) : I've change the requierement to : Processor Speed = 1GHz ; RAM = 2GB; Disk Space = 20GB


          Here attached the two reports that you can import : MS WINDOWS 7 PROVISIONING and MS WINDOWS 8 PROVISIONING




          Rapport 7 Migration001.jpg

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            Thanks Simon, I will try these reports and let you know if I faced some issue

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              Thanks Simon but I am afraid you have created this report on a different version of what we have, is there is any workaround?



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                Simon Ma Employee

                Just open the .ldms file (with Notepad for instance) and replace the "" values with ""

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                  I have done that and after it shows me done. But I cannot see the report under my reports or any other palce

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                    Simon Ma Employee

                    when you import the report, which option do you use?

                    have you try to log out and log in from the console?

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                      - I select “Insert items into selected group or owner” but i tried the other options also with the same result

                      - Log off and login didn't work

                      - I have tried to import your old reports in the other article and it is working fine


                      I guess it might has something to do with the version, isn't it?

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                        Simon Ma Employee



                        I just find out that the "6- PREPARING MS WINDOWS 7 PROVISIONING.ldms" file has been corrupted. That's the reason why when you imported it doesn't appear.


                        Here attached the report file. It should work this time. (You still need to change the assembly version as I'm on 9.5 core server)



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                          Dear Simon,

                          Sorry for the late reply. I have open the report and it is working very good with me. but I am still want to do some customization to remove the Storage condition, I have tried to remove it from the query but still appearing on the report

                          Can you please take a look




                          Select C.DeviceName,

                                              case when OS.OSType LIKE 'Microsoft Windows XP%' then 'Windows XP'

                                                        when OS.OSType LIKE 'Microsoft Windows%%2008%' then 'Windows 2008 Serveur'

                                                        when OS.OSType LIKE 'Microsoft Windows%%2003%' then 'Windows 2003 Serveur'

                                                        when OS.OSType LIKE 'Microsoft Windows%%2000%' then 'Windows 2000 Serveur'

                                                        when OS.OSType LIKE 'Microsoft Windows%%Vista%' then 'Windows Vista'

                                                        when OS.OSType LIKE 'Microsoft Windows%%7%' then 'Windows 7'

                                                        when OS.OSType LIKE 'Microsoft Windows%8%' then 'Windows 8'

                                              else OS.OSType

                                              end as OS,

                                              (select sum(InstalledSize) from MemorySlot MS where MS.Computer_Idn = C.Computer_Idn) as BytesTotal, P.Type as Processeur, P.MhzSpeed, CS.Manufacturer, LD.DriveLetter, LD.StorageTotal,

                                        case when CS.ChassisType LIKE '%Tower%' OR CS.ChassisType LIKE  'Desktop' OR CS.ChassisType LIKE  '%Space%' then 'Desktop'

                                                        when CS.ChassisType LIKE '%Laptop%' OR CS.ChassisType LIKE 'Notebook' OR  CS.ChassisType LIKE '%Portable%' OR CS.ChassisType IS NULL then 'Laptop'

                                                        when CS.ChassisType LIKE '%Server%' OR CS.ChassisType LIKE '%Rack%' then 'Server'

                                                        when CS.ChassisType LIKE 'Other' then 'Virtual Machine'

                                       else CS.ChassisType

                                       end as Chassis,

                                        case when ((select sum(InstalledSize) from MemorySlot MS where MS.Computer_Idn = C.Computer_Idn) >= 2048 AND P.MhzSpeed >= 1000 AND OS.OSType NOT LIKE 'Microsoft Windows 7%' ) Then 'Compatible'

                                                         when (OS.OSType LIKE 'Microsoft Windows 7%') Then 'Already MS Windows 7'

                                                         else 'Not Compatible'

                                              end as Compatibility

                                       from Computer C

                          inner join Operating_System OS ON OS.Computer_Idn = C.Computer_Idn

                          inner join Memory M ON M.Computer_Idn = C.Computer_Idn

                          inner join Processor P ON P.Computer_Idn = C.Computer_Idn

                          inner join CompSystem CS ON CS.Computer_Idn = C.Computer_Idn

                          inner join LogicalDrives LD ON LD.Computer_Idn = C.Computer_Idn AND LD.DriveLetter = 'C'

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                            Simon Ma Employee

                            Hello Mido,


                            Indeed, you've just change in query the condition to detect compatible device (which is good).


                            But if you want to remove Storage information from the report, you need to change the report UI.


                            In the report, there are 2 things to change :


                              1- In the "Not Compatible Devices Summary" graphics :  in Datas > Values , remove the Storage value.

                            Change 1.png


                               2 - In the "Not Compatible Devices List" table : remove the "Total Sotage (C:) column


                            Change 2.png


                            Finally, you can remove the LD.StorageTotal field in the SQL Query as it's no longer use but it doesn't matter...

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                              Man, you saved me big time. thanks.

                              Where can I get more information about report design, I can see most of the documents here are old.