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    Service Desk Suite 7.6: Configuration Centre display error




      While deploying 7.6 release (clean installation) we are finding some issues.


      Till now we have restored the database and installed the Web Server.

      Then we have changed the sa password. Till here everything works as expected.


      Then reconfigured IIS for Windows authentication. Added the Role Service for Windows authentication in the web server, disabled the anonymous authentication and enabled the Windows one. Then we added Modify permissions to the folders containing the Cionfiguration Centre web site (C:\Program Files (x86)\LANDesk\Service Desk\WebApp\ConfigurationTool)


      Now if we browse the Configuration Centre from a workstation (windows 7 64bits/IE8 w/Chrome Frame) everything works as expected. But if we browse it from the Web Server itself (Windows 2008 R2/IE9) we receive only the application, but the theme is not present. Is like if the CSS was missing or there is not access to the image files or something like this.


      Find a screenshot attached.




      Any hint?