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    Error: Agent disconnect (Agent out of resources)



      above message appears when attempting connect motorola MU  (WM 6.5) to AVA SE 5 server. The devices have been connecting to the server previously with no issue.


      ip addresses are all still available and valid for the devices in their relevant groups.   I notice the error message on these devices  - AGENT out of resources , whereas reference in the forum discussions specifies DEVICE out of resources, so perhaps valid ip's is not the issue.   Is anyone able to offer solution?



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          cachilli SupportEmployee



          This can happen for a couple reasons.. The first being that the service for whatever reason has been interrupted or there are duplicate software packages installed for the same device and the server is unable to determine which one is take control..


          First I would restart the Dserver service, Wavelink Avalanche Agent. If the issue continues to happen, i would then check your software profiles for a duplicate package for the devices that receive this error.. if there are duplicates, you will need to disable one of the duplicates and sync the dservers to the change..


          If after all this and the issue still persists, contact customer support for further troubleshooting. When contacting support, it would be handy to have the Avalanche.log file handy, as this will be requested when troubleshooting the issue..