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    Incident Process Flow

    Darren.Bradshaw Expert

      Wondering if anyone out there can help.




      When we link incidents together through parent and child, we send all the child incidents to a status of Affected Users (just so they are out of the way).


      From here if the parent gets resolved I want all the children to get resolved automatically.  - No problem this is working fine.

      If one of these incident is detached from the parent I need this orphan to be returned a status automatically - this does not work.


      I have a pre-condition to check for both criterias and return true is one of the is matched, then an automatic action is trigger which then goes to a decision to work out where the incident needs to be directed, either to Resolved or another Status.


      import System

      static def GetAttributeValue(Incident):

           Value = 'False'

           if Incident.Parents.Count == 0:

                Value = 'True'


                for item in Incident.Parents:

                     parent = item.Parent

                     if parent.Status.IsCompletion.ToString() == 'True':

                          Value = 'True'

           return Value


      However the automatic action fires for those incidents where the parent has been resolved, it does not fire for those incidents where they have become detached, but when you open the inicdent the is available.


      Any ideas?

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          If a child no longer has a parent is it still a child?


          I guess we need to know more about what happens when a child goes solo so you know what to check.


          If you have a 7.6 test or productions system yet, the test capability might help you out some.  Looks like your still on a pre 7.6 system based on your formatting.

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            masterpetz ITSMMVPGroup



            if the action of the detached incidents is available, then your calc seems to be ok. Normally this behavior happens when you try to built the following:


            "Status - Precondition - Autoaction - Status - Precondition - Autoaction"


            This will never work because you could create a process loop. After the second status there must be a manual action. Check if this is the case in your process design.