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    Bulk action on selected query rows




      we are on 7.5 at the moment and I thought that we would be allowed to run a Bulk Action on selected rows in a set of query results.


      It appears that the Bulk Action runs for all of the displayed (current page) of results and not only the selected items.


      Am I missing something obvious or is this facility not available?


      Many thanks,


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          Jamie Cannon ITSMMVPGroup

          When you want to do the 'bulk action' on selected line items in a query, don't use the "bulk action" action.  I know it sounds weird.  When you select a group of tickets from a query you should have the same actions BELOW bulk action much like you would if you were in the ticket.  Use THOSE instead.  If the action you need is not shown, that means one of the selected items is in a status that does not allow that action to be chosen.