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    Resolution Reminders


      Is it possible to have the content of the resolution reminder dependant on the resolution category?


      ie. Resolution is Application>Access>MS Word


      Reminder says:


      Your request for {access} to {MS Word} has been completed.





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          Jamie Cannon ITSMMVPGroup

          Yes you can.  There are a few ways to do this.


          The easiest way to do this would be to create a condition that would check the category in the workflow and if it matches, send an auto reminder with your text.


          The other would be to apply a "Predefined" resolution on the action resolution category and have that populate when the category is chosen.  I just recently did this with 7.6 to where if the category was XYZ then the "Resolution" field was hidden and the "Predefined Resolution" was shown.  If it didn't have a predefined then the Resolution line showed and was mandatory.


          Just create a new string attribute on the Resolution Category

          Then add that string to the Resolution Category window

          Enter your Predefined resolution

          Then on the Resolution form, add that string field

          Update your reminder to include this attribute too


          There you go.  If it doesn't pop up you will need to update the handlers on that form:

          1. First you need the handlers options in the Console.exe.config by adding the following lines into your console.exe.config (take a copy of the file first):

          2. <add key="ShowHandlerConfiguration" value="true" />

          3. <add key="ConfigureHandlers" value="true" />


          Enable the "UpdateRelatedFields" on "ValueChanged" for the resolution category.



          Hope this helps!

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            I like the flexibility of using conditions to test the category and then give customized resolutions.  This certainly isn't the only way but I think it is easy and offers more control.  But hey, it's just my opinion.

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              Many thanks for the comprehensive answer.


              Sorry if Im being silly, but would one of these methods pre populate the resolution window with the suggested text, but allow me to amend it if necessary? So if I needed to add something extra, I could.


              Thank you



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                Jamie Cannon ITSMMVPGroup

                You could have a box on the resoultion form for "additional details" and include a line item for that in your reminder email that goes out automatically.

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                  Starting with Jaimie's suggestion of adding a Template attribute to your Resolution Categoy object to store your predefined template/text, here are a couple of methods you could use:


                  1. Simplest:  use a copy rule (value-change) to populate the Resolution/Description with the text from your Resolution/Category/_Template once a Category is chosen...  Once the text is filled in, you should still be able to edit it.
                  2. More Complex:  in addition to the template attribute for the Category, add an "InsertText" attribute to your Resolution object.  On the Resolution window, only allow the analyst to type in the InsertText field.  Add a Before Save calc to the Resolution/Description that uses String.Format to insert the analyst comments into the template.


                  If all you're worried about is the actual Reminder that gets sent out (i.e., and not the actual Resolution details), then you can do something like (2).... add the template attribute to Category, let the analyst enter the Resolution/Description optionally and then treat it just like InsertText when you later generate your Reminder body, that is use String.Format to insert the Resolution/Description into the text from Resolution/Category/_Template in the calc for Reminder/Body.


                  I would stay away from using Conditions to check Categories... I can see that leading to a bulky process as you have to add more and more conditions to check for each predefined Category/Resolution you wish to include.



                  For reference, the syntax on String.Format is as: 


                  String.Format('template text here with placeholders... {0}... {1}... {2}...', var0, var1, var2)