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    Help with SmartVue




      We have just successfully completed an upgrade from LDMS 8.8 SP4 to 9.5


      So far its been a breeze with minor hiccups here and there.


      We would like to offer our client the SmartVue option and make it available to the IT Management's iPads.


      This was installed on the core server and we ran a data collection tasks. SmartVue app was installed from AppStore but we are having problems when connecting with error "A Server with this specified hostname could not be found.".


      Details on ipad:

      Username - domain\username

      Password - **********

      Core URL - http://coreserver


      I followed all the steps from here: http://help.landesk.com/Topic/Index/ENU/LDMS/9.5/Content/Windows/LPs/lp_tool_smartvue.htm


      Am I missing something?


      When I browse to http://coreserver/smartvue I get "EndPoint not found".


      Must the iPad be on the same network as the Core or will this work over open internet?


      Apologies if I am raising this in the wrong forum.


      Your assistance will be much appreciated.



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          Yes, the ipad must be attached to the domain for smartvue to work


          There is probably a way to make the content content available externally by passing it through an assigned address, but in my mind, that brings up a lot of security concerns.


          I was originally hoping for the same thing, since I also just updated to 9.5, but now that I think about it, I'm not sure I want information about my pc environment (especially things that show vulnerabilitiy information) to be available over the internet, even if it requires a username & password...


          I think this is accessible via service desk web console, & if so, that will be good enough for my needs.

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            Fabian Schmidt Expert

            Yes, as dblansky said, the iPad must be within our LAN Environment, if you didn't set up a public Address for the core server.


            Did you configure the task for collecting the SmartVue Information over Configure --> SmartVue Configuration?

            I think, this tasks needs to be run first one time, befor you can connect successfull to the SmartVue Dashboard.


            Try using the IP Address instead of the core server name, or use the FQDN. Probably DNS Resolution isn't working well, so the iPad can't resolve the Core Netbios Name.

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              Thanks for the reply:


              Yes everything is setup correctly on the core server.


              I think it becomes an ipad configuration issue now as I am struggling to get my iPad connected to the secure WIFI with WPA2, TKIP and PEAP.


              Prompt for certificate and connects but drops connection every 5 seconds.


              Once again, thanks you have been very helpful

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                LANDeskWizard SSMMVPGroup

                If you are looking at using SmartVue outside of your network, you will need to upgrade to SP1 once it is released. From what I have been told and seen in the Roadmap, this will be possible. Not quite sure how, probaby using a CSA/Gateway.

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                  Maybe there is a VPN solution that might work better than the wifi domain connection...


                  I also saw some links in the apple discussion boards regarding an iphone certificate utility to create a cert-based wireless profile on the ipad.


                  the links on this page may be helpful