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    LD 9.5 UEFI bios and Sysprep issue


      I have a Dell XPS 13 Ultrabook, that I have been unable to image, and I was hoping someone could point me in the right direction.


      We use Provisioning, and I have created a new USB boot disk for the provisioning menu. I had to modify the \Boot\boot.wim and boot_x64.wim files to include the NIC driver for the USB-NIC adapter (adding them using the "Manage the Drivers in the WinPE image" shortcut didn't work, apparently. There were in the boot.wim, but not the boot_x64.wim even though I added to all 3 options in the WinPE driver dialog)


      Since the ultrabook doesn't have a built in NIC, I use the USB boot media to start WinPE and a USB-NIC adapter for network.


      Currently our provisioning tasks use FixWindows.exe and FixUnattend.exe to make sure our sysprep settings are applied correctly. Since the UEFI bios requires 64bit exe's these steps fail. I also inject the Sysprep script in Post-OS Installation, and the script works correctly on our other provisioning tasks.


      If I attempt to boot the ultrabook using legacy bios, I get a boot mgr is missing or operating system is not found error on start up.


      Is there a way to inject a sysprep script and not need to use the FixWindows or FixUnattend .exe's? or are these available in 64bit?


      Or is there another method altogether to image a computer with UEFI bios?


      I'm stumped.

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          When adding drivers, you will notice the boot_x64.wim is not listed in the gui as a specific option. You need to select other and browse to the 64-bit wim to manage drivers.


          As you noted, FixWindows and FixUnattend are both 32-bit applications. The 64-bit WinPE does not have the 32-bit sub-system and therefore cannot run 32-bit applications.


          For FixUnattend you can create a 64-bit version of your unattend file. That is as simple as opening your existing file and replacing processorArchitecture="x86" with processorArchitecture="amd64" then using that unattend for your 64-bit machines.


          For FixWindows you will have to just assign the correct partition as bootable as a partition action.

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            Thanks Eric!


            I've had every intention of moving away from FixWindows and FixUnattend, but haven't had the time to figure out how to accomplish that.


            I did use the "other" option, for the boot_x64.wim, but I was probably just looking at the wrong file.


            Quick questions, just for clarity. Does FixUnattend just change the architecture targeted by the unattend file?

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              Alex.Richardson SSMMVPGroup

              You may have had this answered but just in case FixUnattned only changes the architecture from x86 to AMD64.


              There are no other changes required to your unattend.xml.