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    Moving existing KM articles to a new process




      I wonder if anyone could give a bit of advice on this problem.


      One of our clients has a KM process which was never really fit for purpose.


      They have a few hundred articles that they've created over the past 2 years.


      Another group of users using the same database spotted a better KM process from another customer DB and decided they would like to use that one.


      It was then decided that ALL groups will adopt this new process in preference to the old one.


      My question is:


      What is the best way to get the lifecycle name changed to the new process for all existing articles?


      I've thought of:


      -  a data export and reimport


      - adding a REINITIALISE action to the old process and using a Scheduled Bulk Action to switch to the same status in the new process


      - leave them where they are (using their own separate process) - not the easiest to manage


      Or am I barking up the wrong tree?