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    Time-out for OSD / Managed script?


      Hi there,


      we use OSD to image workstations with Windows 7.

      In a specific OSD, we run a batch file that installs a lot of software. This batch file may take a couple of hours.


      Our OSD fails at this point. In the logging we see the following error:

      "win7test10","OK",0,0:03:00,30-5-2013 16:14:24,30-5-2013 16:17:24,"SLEEP"

      "win7test10","ERR_Fail",-2147483390,2:00:13,30-5-2013 16:17:25,30-5-2013 18:17:38,\\myservername\mybatchfiles\installallsoftware.bat

      ; "Job Complete","0 Done","1 Failed","0 Off","0 Unknown"


      I don't think it's a coincidence that this ERR_FAIL occurs at 2:00:13 (which is exactly 2 hours).


      Is is true that there is a timeout of 2 hours in OSD/Managed script for batchfiles / commands?

      And can I adjust this value?

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          Frank Wils ITSMMVPGroup



          The 2147483390 error code is not a timeout-code, it is a file not found code. Is the batchfile still running at the device? Doublecheck in the EventLog of the device what the last installed software was and what should install next.


          As long as the device is reachable, the script won't time-out, unless you specifically tell it, which I'm sure you didn't 



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            Hi Frank,


            It turned out that splitting up the batchfile "installallsoftware.bat" (mentioned by my collegue Michael Scott) into 3 seperate batch files resolved our issue! That indicates a timeout of 2 hours for osd commands can still be the case.



            Gekke Henkie

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              Frank Wils ITSMMVPGroup



              Well, it can of course be that it is configured that way, but the default value is 43200 seconds (= 12 hours) for Remote Execute (REMEXEC) commands, as long as the agent is capable of sending a heartbeat. As soon as the agent doesnt send a heartbeat anymore, the REMEXEC will timeout by default after 300 seconds.


              These settings are configured by opening a Console on the Core server, and go to Configure - Services - Custom Jobs Settings.



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                Frank, Thanks!


                I had this setting in my mind, but couldn't find it. Didn't realize the setting was only available on the core server


                Our Enable Remote Execute Timeout setting was 7200 seconds indeed. We now changed it to 21200. 6 hours should be enough