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    Scripted install and SATA drivers



      I'm trying to create a XP scripted install template for a Dell Precision Workstation 390.  I've made it past the SATA driver injection in WINPE[ issues.|d-1157#comments-1337]



      Now I'm stuck on a SATA issue during the installation.






      With the SATA driver in WINPE I'm able to begin the XP installation - copying the files.  Then there is a reboot.  After the reboot the provisioning agent seems to still be aware of the share (i386) that I'm installing from, however, since the SATA driver was in the WINPE environment and not in the XP install environment, the setup hangs because it can't detect a hard drive.



      How would one inject a SATA driver into the i386 structure for the installation itself?  (In other words, for a typical XP installation, how would one inject a driver into the install media so F6 would not be required to add the SATA drivers during the install?)



      slipstream with nLite?  something else?






      Thanks in advance for your recommendations!