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    max number of additional host names?



      I have my LDMG setup and running and multiple sites are able to connect successfully through the LDMG, however, I have a new site that just isn't playing nice.  I've added the IP address of the NAT to the "Additional Host Names" line in Gateway Services and saved it, but I continue to get the SSL 14 mismatch errors.  I was curious if there was a max number of entries for the field?  Currently I only have 6 or 7 addtional hosts specified.






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          Found we had a network issue that was causing issues, so was able to get the certificates through normally.  Now I have a new problem with the agent connecitons.

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            Bumping this post, just found when I'm looking at the brokerconfig test connectivity results, that the IP address I'm adding to the Additional Host Names field is not showing up.  Here is the line from the test output:



            16:56.796   Certificate name mismatch.  Expected name  Common name ldgateway.rgs.com.  Alternate names ldgateway.rgs.com ldgateway



            so I would expect to see appended to the end of the line, but it's obviously not finding it.  So I guess my original question comes into play; Is there a max number of alternate hostnames that can be listed for the ldgateway?