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    using core server for HII with 9.0 SP4

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        I have a question which may seem stupid, but I could not find a good answer. In LANDesk SP4, it seems HII wants at all costs to have a preferred server configured (from the doc I found, it seems this is already the case for SP3). In our environment the idea is to keep all that on the core server itself. not use a preferred server. Even because otherwise, we would be obliged to have an area where we store the drivers, a preferred server where they are copied to, and serve that via UNC and http (even if we decided to just put them on a file share, we would need to use a configured preferred server...).

         Unfortunately, it seems LANDesk moved from the inflexibility of having them forcibly on the core server in 9.0, to the inflexibility that must be forcibly on a configured the preferred server in SP4.
        Anyone can provide simple help on how to trick LANDesk so that HII still serves the drivers from the core server ? We cannot move to 9.5 (assuming it allows more flexibility) till next year, because we are still on 32 bits for the servers.