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    Scheduled Agreement Rules import, how?

    KaiEilert Apprentice

      Hi all,


      This seems to be tricky one


      I have to automatically import certain SLA Agreement Rules every night. This has to be done because these rules change frequently during the day.

      I only know the manual import via the administrator component.


      Is there a good way to do this over the import mapping? I noticed there are various agreement rule objects...


      Anyone done something like this? Or maybe over SQL directly into the database?




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          Stu McNeill Employee

          Hi Kai,


          I've had a quick look but I don't think this will be possible.  The aggreement rules are stored in a very particular way and they are also cached by the server applications so doing it directly in the database would be tricky and could cause issues if the applications don't get the proper notifications that they have been updated.

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            KaiEilert Apprentice

            I was afraid so...


            Is there any other way to create a rule logic like this that can be imported on a regular basis?


            Or any chance on getting the "internal" SQL Scripts for the official Excel Agreement Rule import?

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              I can't imagine having so many moving targets.  We use SLA's to measure ourselves and we categorize them into just a few areas.  It almost seems like your using SLA's to do something else.  Maybe standard process might be a better way to do what you need.  I would suggest an ER but I bet very few companies have the needs you do.  My experience with SLA's is that their made to be pretty static and only a few are needed.  SLA's are a very broad and it sounds like you almost want to use them for very specific uses.  By reloading the tables often it would seem very hard to do reporting off the SLA's as they are changing so often.