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    New Reference Table for Raise User


      From Designers, in the Object Designer I added a new reference (look-up) table called "Department"

      I added "Department" to the "User" Business Object, not as a collection.

      (Save)  :-)


      In window designer, I open the incident window and expand "raise user".

      I don't see my new "department" attribute there.


      Is there something special about the raise user business object that is preventing me from seeing new reference tables? 

      If I create a new field in the user business object (not a reference table) I can see and add that to the incident window.


      Thanks in advance for any tips. tricks and advice!



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          elizabethcombrink Expert

          From what you are saying you want to put the Raise User's Department field on the incident window. The Department field is a reference list?


          The issue is that you can only access your related field (ie Raise User)'s String, Number and boolean attributes and put the on the window - no categories, reference list, or any other of the related field's related fields.


          A workaround is to have a second field on your User object called DepartmentString which is calculated to be the string value of the Deparment reference list.  You will be able to place this value on the incident window.


          Another workaround (which is what we do at the moment) is to have Department on Incident as well, and use copysettings to populate this from the User.Department field when the Raise User field is changed. This way you record on the incident which department it is raised for and I report on incidents per department. If a user moves to a different part of the business then all their previous incidents still remain with their old department.



          If I had to start again, I think I would also use a calc rather than copysettings to populate the Department on the incident.  Copysettings work well for things that get logged manually, but when you start logging stuff in a more automatic way - Using the incoming mail to log tickets, use of Service Catalogue, CopySettings won't trigger.


          But note, using copysettings allows you to initally set the value, and you can overwrite it when logging an incident. Doing it by calculation means you can't overwrite it on the incident as its calculated from the User.Department value. You would have to update the User record first, and then retrigger the calculation.

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            This sounds reasonable (though it would be easier to just to have the reference table available in the first place, but that's probably a discussion for the product developers )


            I'll try your suggestion and let you know how it turns out.


            Many thanks!