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    Windows Startup Repair after Image Deploy


      Hi All,


      We have an existing TBI based image that has been pushed out to out Dell Optiplex 780 machines for the past two years.

      We typically boot into WinPE Menu, select the specific image and deploy. (Have also tried Provisioning via Win7/Agent/Reboot-to-WinPE)

      What happens is the image extracts the appropriate partitions, then when it has finished copying files it reboots. (as it should)

      When it reboots it goes into "Windows Startup Repair", checks for errors that can be fixed, then announces that it cannot find any problems, asks if we would like to report to Microsoft and then switches off.

      When we switch the PC back on it continues into sysprep mode and completes the image install with no further problems.


      My questions are;

      1. Is this, as I suspect, a problem with the image created by my predecessor?
      2. If so, what is the recommended method of taking a system back to pre-image capture if you only have access to PCs that have had the image deployed to them? (There are so pretty obscure driver and software installs that had to be crowbar’d into this install and I have no documentation on how it was all done.)
      3. If not, can you tell me what the problem might be? Previous attempts at provisioning (another SOE) with the wrong bootable partition/OS partition failed terminally, so given this is fixed by a reboot I don't think it is that.


      Thanks very much, I don't know what logs anyone might like, but if you're willing to ask for them and help out, I'll bend over backwards to solve this.




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          This is typically caused because the bootable partition is not beeing set correctly. If you are usind OSD set the system partition value on your script to the correct parittion. If you are using provisioning, set the correct partition as the active and bootable partition.

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            MrGadget Expert

            Eric, I agree with you except Fixwindows.exe is automatically put in the OSD script and with Dell computers, Dell puts a oem partition and also in some laptop models it adds another partition so if you captured a factory built harddrive then I have actually seen the cmd window that comes up for fixwindows in the Deploy job mark the wrong partitions causing this problem.

            I think fixwindows.exe was written for only a 2 partitioned hard drive, os and boot.