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        Hi there Matt,

        I wonder if you can provide me with that report that you have. I've been searching high and low for an efficient way of producing this and found something from a couple years back, but it's just not as clean as I'd hoped. 

        So for your request, are you wanting a full list of of all the software that's installed in your environment or a report showing each and every one of your devices and its installed software?



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          I'd like to get my hands on what you are using also.  I have one where I can do this pretty nicely, but need to change the query text manually any time I want a different pc.  I'd love to have one that has a parameter selection built in.  I'd also love to get it to be for multiple pc's if needed.


          attached is my software report in case it is helpful to anyone - Just look for MYPCNAMEHERE in the query text & replace it with the device name you want.