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    Changing the SQL server password when Avalanche is installed




      We have been through a testing time recently where a customer of ours has wanted all the SQL server passwords changing to meet certain security requirements.  The problem with this has been Wavelink.  Because Wavelink relies on the SQL server to run the application, after the password was changed on the SQL server, Avalanche stopped working.


      The only way we could resolve the issue was to uninstall avalanche then reinstall it with the new settings.  Along with this, due to it being a new install, all the licenses had to be re-requested due to the Node key changing.


      As you can imagine, this is a lengthy process that would have been made easier had we been able to change the password for the SQL Server within wavelink, so not having to reinstall it.


      Which comes to the question; is there a way to perform this on the server so not having to re-install the whole of the wavelink server and save time for ourselves and the customers as this impacts them as well.


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