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    Add Multiple tasks to process


      Is it possible to have multiple tasks (manual actions) on a status within a process? Whenever I add more than one, I get the following error wehn saving the process:


      "Cannot save process as there are multiple Add Task actions on the In Progress Status, of which one is called Add Network Task"


      My steps that I'm taking are:


      - add a Manual Action (Add Task) to the process

      - define properties of the new action (title, default process, action instance data)

      - link actions to "In Progress" status.


      My goal is to be able to have multiple manual actions to add a task (using different names for them). When the user clicks on the action from the incident window, it prompts them with Add Task window with pre-populated fields as defined in the action instance data in the process. The tasks would then be assigned to the group that has been pre-selected in the process.


      The ultimate goal is for the user to have less typing to do when creating a task to the different groups. The text would appear in the window, so all they would need to do is touch it up some and savet it. The sceens below may be helpful.





      One of the Tasks (example):



      Any suggestions are appreciated.

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          In it's current form you cannot do this.


          However, there is an ER raised to do with this.  If you read the comments, you may find a workaround for your situation that may assist.


          Ability to create multiple "Task" collections

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            Thanks for responding Paul. I did find this out as well from another discussion saying that you can only have one instance of a manual action on a single status. I'll vote up the idea, but I also want to explain what I did for other noobs like myself...


            I found via other discussions/documents saying to create objects/windows to associate with actions (this one explains it well: http://community.landesk.com/support/docs/DOC-3712). I did find the 'Object Creation Wizard' helpful in the fact that when you choose "Type of Object - created from xxx", it automagically creates the appropriate collections, so all that is left to do is create the action on the collection.


            To acheive my goal of having multiple tasks and having the fields pre-populated:


            I then designed windows for the new objects and added into my process using the new (manual) actions, which I was able to pre-populate the fields of the manual action windows within the process... with whatever text is needed.  I then added automatic 'Add Task' actions after each manual action in the process and was able to set the value types of each, to link to the info enetered in the manual actions.


            Here's some "after" pics of how things turned out:



            New window designed from creating the object. Added into process as manual action and pre-populated it with desired text:




            Automatic 'Add Task' action that follows the manual action. Valuetypes link to manual action:



            Example of how it looks in process:



            Hope this is helpful to others out there



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