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    OSD and agent question






      Im new to OSD and have a question on process.






      I am used to building an OS, installing a mgmt client, then using it to deploy a heap of software, running some updates, imaging it.. then deploying it.



      Now with LANDesk you dont install the agent... Is there a way to install it, install the software, and remove it or preapre it for imaging?



      I know i can use provisioning scripts to do this, however, I much prefer my old method of image deployment as one 'blob'









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          phoffmann SupportEmployee

          Actually you do install an agent "of a sort" - your PE-OS (Dos / WinPE / Linux) has a mini LANDesk agent, otherwise we'd not be able to to anything with it.


          Now, there's a lot of "it depends" here.


          If you use SYSPREP-based images, getting the LANDesk client down is pretty simple - you just pump it into the GUIRUNONCE section.


          If you use other methods, then things get more challenging.


          In short, I would suggest talking to your LANDesk partner about your question. Principally, a fair bit of what you're trying to do IS possible. I know of various customers who image clients, then have the clients install software (via policy) and that's that.


          Haven't had a scenario yet of imaging the PC at the end of it (seems a bit redundant at first sight, but I'm sure you've thought it through) :). That's actually the only "tricky" step ... but even that could be done at the end of the day.


          You could - for instance - have a recurring task, that triggers every day at 18:00 (or whenever is a "safe" time) against a query for a custom registry key that you could be collecting through inventory (such as "ImagedAfterOSD" with a value of "No") ... and launch the job. The job would then go about and change the registry value to "yes" or "attempted" or something ... and work on it that way.


          It's really mostly a matter of figuring out "what you need to acheive", and based off of that, the "how" tends to crystallise itself pretty well. But because what you're trying to do sounds rather sophisticated, I'd prefer to err on the side of caution and make sure that you talk intimately to your partner, so that all considerations of your environment and other constraints you're working within can be considered for a best solution.


          Certainly not something I'd instinctively say is something that can be easily done via the forum. But "can it be done" - yeah, certainly I'd say. The question is whether your constraints allow for the path I've envisaged for instance, or whether other routes need to be pursued.


          Paul Hoffmann

          LANDesk EMEA Technical Lead.