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    Provisioning Template - CTOS does not copy whole ldprovision folder or run after first boot




      I have a Win7 x64 image which has been sysprepped (generalized and audit mode) which used to work, but for some unexplained reason it now does not finish the whole provisioning process  No errors are reported in LDMC for it.


      After the WinPE process completes the machine goes through the process of installing drivers, which is normal.  However once this is done and it boots into Windows for the first time it just sits there.  The provisioning process does not complete.  I have looked around and done as much research as possible, but I have not found an actual solution to the problem at this time.  I have found after CTOS reboots that "C:\ldprovisioning" is created with two files in it - launchldprovisionasuser.exe and ldprovision.exe.  If I execute the first and then the second executables the provisioning process picks up where it left off and installs the agent and any additional packages that I have added to the template.


      Has anyone else seen this or have any ideas what I can do to resolve it?