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    Client executes multicast package



      I am rolling out an adobe 8.1.2 package that is pushed to clients via the FTp deployment script and executed in the logion script if it is present on the client ... This works fine however I am comming across a problem with windows 2000 machines that require Sp4 to install the Adobe 8.1.2 package. 






      What I would like to do is on detecting this scenario on a client missing SP4 for windows 2000 I would like the client to contact the core LANDesk server and request the service pack 4 package to be sent down with bandwidth aware distribution, in order to stop the request clogging up the network. This is where my issue is - How do I get a client to request this via a script ....  Also where in the inventory does the service pack for the operating system appear as I can not seem to Query this for XP or windows 2000



      Any help appreciated.