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    Is there no Report Club in LDDA?


      I'm digging deeper into report creation and automation and am trying to use the resources, like the new help.landesk.com and the community before posting a question.  Within the help.landesk Executive Report Pack description says there should be a report sharing portal known as the Report Club but am finding no results in the community for this.  Does it exist?



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          karenpeacock SupportEmployee



          I got some information on this for you:


          "A long time ago there was the “Report Club” and it resulted in the creation over 160 high quality reports in the ERP product. Every time we would build a custom report, we would generalize the report and place in the default content delivered with the next release of the product. All the users needed to do to get new content was apply the latest updates.


          The current report sharing portal is the “Report Store”, a feature within the product where a LANDesk admin can publish a report, either canned or written with the built in report wizard on their core server for non-console users to access. This is available from clicking on “Start, All Programs, LANDesk, Data Analytics, Report Store”. Keep in mind that this portal is for the company to share reports on their own network."


          We do have an area on the community called Share IT LANDesk Share IT which is where customers can share things such as reports with each other.  It is a new area created about 6 weeks ago but we do have some content already being created in there.


          If you are interested in a new custom report being written please let me know and I will get someone to contact you to discuss requirements.




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            Thank you Karen, this is excellent information!  As I continue to dig deeper, I'll likely call on you and your peep's guidance for these reports.  As a newbie with other work responsibilities that pull me away from LDMS, navigating the massive world of LDMS and having limited documentation in some areas poses challenges, so I really appreciate your willingness to assist!