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    Error codes in ldprovisioning logs

    hendricksonc Apprentice

      Trying to get to the bottom of an issue I am having with the deploy profile command in my osd provisioning template using 9.5. The capture profile works fine and the profile can be manually restored or used in a template as a stand alone deploy profile command, but the deploy profile fails when used within my complete template. This seems to happen only to profiles larger than 3GB. 


      I have checked the ldprovisioning logs and it indicates that the ldprovision.exe: Reporting action status:  5 to Core right before the deploy profile fails.


      I have checked the deploy profile handler log and it indicates:  DeployProfileHandler.exe:Executed Command. Return value is 259. 


      My question is does anybody know what these error codes indicate.  I am hitting a brick wall when it comes to being able to confidently capture and restore a users profile. 

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          Frank Wils ITSMMVPGroup

          Maybe this document helps you a bit further...



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            259 is a standard windows error code that indicates no more data is available.



            If you look on the client for the profile deployment you will see a folder under c:\program files (x86)\landesk\uma. In the uma directory there is a logs folder that will contain more detail. In the root of the uma folder there is also a couple of log files that will be useful.

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              hendricksonc Apprentice

              Well I wish I could say that the logs helped me with this.  However, I am still unable to rectify this problem. I have gotten a profile that is a gig and a half to correctly deploy in my provisioning template, but 2.5 gigs fails?  When I say fails the sma file is copied to the c drive, but the delayed profile migration does not take place and it shows as a failed action in my template. Again a smaller profile works perfectly and you can manually start the user migration and it restores correctly.  It has to be something within the template itself that times out if the profile is too large...that is my only guess. Anybody know how to change this or has anybody experienced this yet?

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                cottroad Apprentice

                I am experiencing it right now.


                The answer above just passes the buck in my view... My capture succeeds (well, the console shows a failure but the profile is put on the share and is manually deployable), the deployment succeeds (again, fails in the Console but deploys just fine after the task shows it fails)


                I think it gets this status if it finds more files than it can process immediately  and has to stack it up somehow - then when it's finished running through the backlog it returns this status (there are no more zip files) as it moves onto looking for PDFs. This would explain why I captured 9 PST files that totalled 32gb and the task succeeded where as when capturing the best part of 7000 docs, zips, xls, pdf etc (total size 1.3gb) the schedued task fails.


                The fact is, the tool doesn't fail - which means I think this is a flaw and that either the UMA tool or Provisioning should be able to cope with this gracefully.


                So I am about to log a case with Support - I will update this thread when I get the official answer from LANDesk. Cover me, I'm going in...


                My guess is their first response will be the stock answer of "Please apply SP1, see if that fixes it!"

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                  hendricksonc Apprentice

                  Have you gotten anywhere with support on this.  On a side note have you tried the upgrade to SP1.  We are still in a holding pattern on that one. 

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                    cottroad Apprentice

                    LANDesk's answer was that the issue was experienced once and noted by the US guys... They found that by not capturing Outlook and Outlook express settings the problem went away.


                    I have not been back to the site where it was happening yet to find out if this change makes any difference. At least I didn't get told to apply SP1 - something I am infinitely glad of since LANDesk has already identified and are either working on or have released fixes for bugs with Vulscan, Inventory Scanning and AV that appeared in the SP1 patch.

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                      hendricksonc Apprentice

                      Thanks for the info.  I'll have to test that out.  It's unfortunate that outlook settings have a problem because the ability to carry those over is great part of the profile capture.  Yes we have heard about some bugs with SP1 and we've been holding off on applying it as well.  Thanks Again.

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                        rickorhino Apprentice

                        Frank, do you have one for LD2016? Looking for what internal status 5 means. Thanks.

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                          Frank Wils ITSMMVPGroup

                          AFAIK there is no updated document (yet)... 5 usually means 'no access/access denied' though.