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    Locally attached printers ...






      Can anyone tell me, which fields i need to specify in a LANDesk query, to produce a list of PHYSICALLY attached local printers, if this is indeed possible !



      I have tried using the 'Computers', 'Printers', 'Port' field, however, I don't think this is giving me the true picture of actual physically plugged in printers, but rather a list of PCs which at one time or another, have had a local printer attached to port 'LPT1' or 'USBxxx' .






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          I was asked to provide similiar information and used these settings.  The only issue I experienced was  Macromedia Flash Paper being installed on LPT1 for some of my machines.  Hope this helps or leads you in the right direction.


          Computer"."Printers"."Printer"."Name" Exists AND "Computer"."Printers"."Printer"."Port" = "LPT1:" OR "Computer"."Printers"."Printers"."Port" = "LPT2:" OR "Computer"."Printers"."Printer"."Port" = "LPT3:" OR "Computer"."Printers"."Printer"."Port" = "USB001" OR "Computer"."Printers"."Printer"."Port" = "USB002" OR "Computer"."Printers"."Printer"."Port" = "USB003" OR "Computer"."Printers"."Printer"."Port" = "USB004" OR "Computer"."Printers"."Printer"."Port" = "USB005" OR "Computer"."Printers"."Printer"."Port" = "USB006"




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            LANDesk tells you printers by the drivers installed.  It doesn't matter if the printer is physically connected or not.


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