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    Task Queued at Client (scripting a resolution)


      I currently have an environment with some machines that seem to just stick in Task Queued at Client.  I would like to try and use a script to clear the taskqueue so they can continue on their merry way.  However, when I use the scripts pointed to here in the discussions, I have two issues.  a) if using the batch/cmd mentioned, it will simply go into Task Queued as well (so that won't work).  b) if I use the script with the remote copy of DeleteTaskQueue it fails as I do not have that file listed anywhere on my core server.  Is there a way to remote execute the batch/cmd using the scripting route, or can someone provide me a copy of the deletetaskqueue.exe file.


      Another user stated a Clear_Task_Queue script was on their core as well, however I'm not finding that one either.


      Also if there is a more effective way of doing this I would be open to that as well, just looking for some solutions to my headache of the month. Thanks again very much.


      I am running 9.0 with SP3.