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    LDGW Time Settings

    Fabian Schmidt Expert


      Hello everybody,



      does anyone has problems with the time settings of the Management Gateway within VMWare?



      My time is allways running to slow. After aproximattely 1 hour the gateway is 15 minutes passed.







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          Always been curious about that myself.  I experienced the same thing running the gateway in vmware.  I now have the ldmg appliance and the time still doesn't stay accurate over a long period of time.

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            Jared Barneck SupportEmployee

            That is not an LDMG issue it is a VMWare issue and since the Management Gateway is a very minimalized Linux platform and does not have VMWare tools, you are going to see any weirdness that would happen to any box without VMWare tools.  Time is commonly a problem without vmware tools.


            Since the LDMG is only for demo in VMWare and VMWare is not a supported platform, and we have moved to the appliance, we don't really plan to add VMWare tools any time soon.  It would be a lot of work to add VMWare tools and since only the Appliance is sold from now on, the need to do so is less.

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              Fabian Schmidt Expert

              Ok, that's something I can work with, but does anybody knows a way to configure ntp time sync?