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    Use an existing SYSPREP file as a template - OSD LDMS 9.5


      Hi there,


      When I use the "Use an existing SYSPREP file as a template" option with my own unattend.xml file as template to create an OSD deployment script for a W7 image, it does produce a new "nameoftheOSDscript.xml" file but none of the info that was on my "unattend.xml" template is included in this new xml file. So I have to edit it manually to add all the missing command and info into the newly LANDesk produced xml file.

      Is this by design? Why this new xml file doesn't copy and keep all the configuration from the template xml file?

      From my point of view, the new xml file should keep and copy all the commands and settings from the template and only change, add or modify those that correspond with the few settings that LANDesk OSD script wizzard is capable of manage in its graphical interface. Am I right?