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    What is the purpose of the related action - "Completed" used after add assignment action


      I’m new to LDSD and we’re struggling to get started. We’re only working on the web-desk. V7.5 (Not using the console..yet)


      Issue we experienced:

      On the Incident and Request processes, our analysts used the “Completed” action after the assignment action when they logged the incidents/requests. The assigned analysts couldn’t see the work in their respective queries and their dashboard views (queries on the dashboard).


      Actions taken:

      We’ve since deleted the related action after assignment. related action:“Completed”. This ensures that the analysts logging the cases cannot use the completed action, resulting in the assignees being able to see cases assigned to them.


      My concern:

      I am a bit worried about a possible break downstream with us deleting the completed action after assignment.



      Can anyone tell me if/what issues we might experience by deleting this related action?