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    DT not updating Process object


      Hello all,


      in the past we;ve successfully used both Design Transfer and Test to Live to copy objects between our 3 environments.


      Most process design transfers have been new processes whcih have worked ok.


      I needed to amend an existing process to add a few new actions but, when I try to import into TEST from DEV it does not update the existing process.


      To clarify:


      - I export the process from DEV without dependencies

      - I import the process into TEST and choose the 'keep existing object' option instead of creating a new object

      - The progress bar runs for a few seconds which suggests it is doing the update - I then get an 'imported ok' message


      But, on viewing the process, the update hasn't taken effect.


      Is there something I'm missing here?


      I had to rekey everything into LIVE after eventually giving up the ghost,


      hope you can help for next time !