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    Desktop Manager - Launchpad Refresh time


      What's the best way to have the launchpad refresh for new shortcuts (icons) every 15 minutes. Also, will the 15 mintues be too busy? Our old application launcher did this fine without stressing anything. I can change this in a few months after we finish our major deployment of about 34 applications at different locations. While we've had LANDesk for several years we are just now replacing our application launcher with Desktop Manager (launchpad). Any suggestions are welcome. Thanks for you input.


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          Frank Wils ITSMMVPGroup

          It depends... How many devices are you talking about? Do you distribute the software based on device/queries/ldap queries? How many changes do you expect? What is the configuration of your Core (processors/memory?)?


          Lots of variables to think about...



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            We're running v9.5 now on VMWare, 8GB RAM, 4 x Xeon E7 @2Ghz Processors, 64bit Win2008 R2 Std. We're in a hospital environment and our network is very robust. In the past we would add users to a MS AD group. We would like to run LD queries and ldap queries. I prefer to use ldap queries of the groups we already have. We'll be changing 30 applications at one location and 34 at another. The deployment of the app is a VMWare thinapp. Currently, they are bulk installing using a single .msi and .dat file. I don't really control the app. I'm just delivering it. I don't plan on tying the shortcuts to the distribution. I simply want to pre-stage the distribution and then send the shortcuts to launchpad. I just need launchpad to refresh without restarting or pressing F5. We used 15 minutes on the old launcher (custom built - used sdclient.exe to "pull" apps).

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              Frank Wils ITSMMVPGroup

              Well, the thing to keep in mind that all your computers will make a webservice request, so your IIS application pool will be busy, to say the least. Watch this, and tune as necessary.


              You will need to change 2 settings:


              On the Core server, in the console, under Configure - Services, there is the scheduler service. There is a setting resolve queries. Default this is 1 hour. This will update the targets of the scheduled tasks with the contents of the queries. It will both resolve the LANDesk queries and the LDAP queries. LDAP queries will also be resolved by the client, so you only need to change this setting if you use LANDesk queries as targets. Watch the ScheduleQuery and ScheduleLDAPquery processes and logs to make sure the processes finish before starting new and change as necessary.


              For the agent to check, you need to edit your agent and send out an Update to Agent Settings task to your exisiting clients. The setting to change here is the Policy Update frequency. You can set this to 15 minutes if you like.


              But again, watch the performance of the server and IIS if it can deal with this. Also check some policy.sync.logs on some clients to make sure they don't get back any IIS errors.



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