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    WinPE 4 and HII

    MrGadget Expert

      I am using veresion 9.5 and added none of the patches.


      We ran into problems since we have XP and Win 7 clients. When I added XP drivers for my XP machines Hii loaded the XP driver on some of my Win 7 computers so things didn't work until I downloaded the Win 7 driver and installed.

      Both drivers Win 7 and XP were in the driver database. I have removed the Xp drivers now.


      My Question, somewhere in here I saw the new WinPE 4 required Windows 8 drivers. Some of the older computers don't have Windows 8 drivers. Am I going to just forget using HII with older computers? Also if I have both Win 8 and Win 7 drivers in my database am I going to see win 7 drivers loaded on Win 8 computers?

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          A common confusion in HII vs WinPE. WinPE 4.0 does require windows 8 drivers. Often windows 7 drivers will work. The only drivers typically needed for injection into WinPE are the network card and storage controller drivers for the device. Once you get to HII, HII will determine the OS and architecture and apply the best match. You can have XP, Win7, Win8, etc in HII.


          HII adds drivers for the OS that will end up on the system. WinPE 4.0 is used to boot and image and is built on windows 8 thus requiring Windows 8 drivers.


          There is a document outlining the WinPE version by LANDesk product version here so that you can make sure to add the correct drivers. http://community.landesk.com/support/docs/DOC-27542


          For HII, add all the drivers your devices need for all the different operating systems.

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            MrGadget Expert

            Thanks Eric, guess I was a little confused.


            I still have to say in Hii I had some XP drivers and Win 7 drivers for the same device and Hii kept loading the XP version so I removed all the Xp drivers.

            We don't do alot of Hii imaging but we plan to do more.

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              Alex.Richardson SSMMVPGroup

              SP1 due out early next month is meant to resolve this with the ability to control which driver gets selected. Also meant to solve exe based driver installs so might be worth waiting for this as your only other option is to start looking into your PC's device ID's and how the driver INF's are written which gets messy quickly.

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                MrGadget Expert

                Thanks alex.