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    Best way to log Incidents and requests to specific queues


      I need to be able to log Incidents and requests for service to different queues and assign different analysts to that queue. For example.


      If a user requests remote access to be setup we have only 2 Analysts globally that deal with this so we want these requests or Incidents if there is an issue with that service to only be visible to those Analysts. This is assuming the end user has logged the request using the end user portal and selected the category remote access.


      I also need a similar method for ensuring user logged incidents are visible to the analysts at the end users site when the category selected by the user is not remote access for example so something general that any Analysts locally can deal with.


      I can't work out the best way to do this that avoids creating dashboards for each Analyst or where to assign the Incidents\Requests when they are initally logged so that the right Analysts see them in a queue and can assign them to themselves, Any ideas welcome.


      Thanks, Gareth